JUNE 2018!

Lems, the God Game VR Platformer

“Lems” is a VR God Game Platformer in which Players are tasked to save adorable but
questionably bright little creatures called Lems, from a certain tendency to run head first into diverse deadly traps.
To this end, Players have access to different platforms with different properties in order to carry the Lems on their journey to find a new Lair.
Try to save them all. But can you really ?

The Game has not grown to its full potential yet.

New Levels & Mods will be coming soon !
Starting with night mode, coming early 2018 !
We are also looking to port the game on other VR platforms soon !

There is yet more to come.

These are the things we whish to add to the Game :

A level editor in which people can build all kinds of levels at whichever Room Scale Area they want !

A multiplayer mode with levels especially designed for the occasion and compatible with the Level Editor !

An accurate scoring system for players to compete with each other !

And of course, New Levels, New Mods, New Mecanics and More …

Because we know some of you want to go further than 2m². Go ahead, unleash your Area !
Because ...
Because a dose of healthy competition from time to time never hurt anyone
Insights are welcome !

To support the game and make these things happen, just Buy Lems and tell your friends about it !

Only if you liked it of course ;)

We're counting on you !

  • Genre : VR Plateformer
  • Release Date : June 2018
  • Publisher : UWE
  • Developer : UWE