In a Nutshell

Some information regarding LEMS

Game Pathing

When a level begins and after the Player has some time to explore the level, one or more Lems starts running from point A (their abandoned lair) to point B (their new lair).

Depending on the level there can be up to 4 abandoned lairs (starting points) and 4 new lairs (arrivals) dispersed in a playing ground of 2 cubic meters. There also can be up to 4 Lems coming out of a single abandoned lair.

The Lems are following predefined paths which are known to the player and contained within the playground.


But these paths are littered with multiple obstacles. The player has to save the lems from these obstacles by using the platforms attached to his controllers, his only means to interact with this virtual world, using their unique properties to his advantage.

The player cannot put down a platform. They are attached to his controller and follow his every movement. He can however select different platforms, and, depending on the level, switch at any time from one to another. Currently there are 4 types of platforms in the game, each with unique properties.

Try to Save Them All

The player will have to demonstrate agility, accuracy and judgment in order to overcome pits, moving spikes, and other energy and gravity fields ready to kill the Lems at the slightest mistake.

For those who wish to test their skills, 3 mods are available in order to spice things up. These mods are playable in each level and can be played individually or simultaneously for an even greater challenge.

For Everyone

A scaling feature has been developed in order to ensure that all players will be able to enjoy our game.

The levels will adapt to the size of the user after a quick calibration. Both tall and shorter players can comfortably enjoy the same experience.
  • Genre : VR Plateformer
  • Release Date : June 2018
  • Publisher : UWE
  • Developer : UWE